Mary Roane

Mary Roane

Assistant Manager

Superior organizational skills, love for family and friends and strong belief in Aiga and the work to help members accomplish their goals.


Mary has been part of the Aiga Team since 2018 and brings her ten plus years work experience from the meeting planning industry to aide Aiga in the day-to-day operations.

About Coach

Mary is a New England native who married the love of her life, Stephen, and has been residing in the Gloucester/Yorktown area for 32 years! She has two children, Morgan, and Joshua who also train at Aiga.

Turning Point

One month after our wedding day, we moved to Northern Virginia. My husband had been hired to work at AT&T and it required us to move. We found ourselves in unfamiliar territory. This left us both feeling very uncertain about our new environment. I eventually found a job that began my career in the meeting planning industry. Not only was this industry new to me, but so was this fast paced and demanding business world. I was forced to dig deep within myself to discover abilities and talents that I never realized I had. I grew as a person and as a business professional. This experience gave me the strength and confidence to return to the workforce after taking a 20 year break to raise my children. Aiga has graciously given me a home and a purpose as a productive member of their staff

Motivation & Passion

Mary is passionate about helping others, crafting, and being a part of her community.

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