glossary of services 

Assessment- A series of tests to determine mobility, stability, strength, and postural function during static and dynamic activities.                                                     ATHLETES will test their key-performance-indicatior (KPI's): 10-yard dash, shuttle run, vertical jump, broad jump, step                                                 test, force velocity, reactive strength index.


Video Analysis- Breakdown of gross movement patterns to determine kinetic chain function by using analytic software.

Body Composition- Tests to determine muscle to fat ratio.


NUTRITIONAL WORKSHOPS- Monthly group sessions on sports nutrition.


Performance RE-Testing- Monthly reevaluation of KPI's. 


Performance Programming- Periodized program designed based off the result of the assessment.


FCA Huddle- Every Monday, one of the coaches from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes comes to Aiga at 4 pm to share the word and                                             a short time of devotion with Aiga athletes.