glossary of services 

Assessment- A series of tests to determine mobility, stability, strength, and postural function during static and dynamic activities.                                                     ATHLETES will test their key-performance-indicatior (KPI's): 10-yard dash, shuttle run, vertical jump, broad jump, step                                                 test, force velocity, reactive strength index.


Video Analysis- Breakdown of gross movement patterns to determine kinetic chain function by using analytic software.


Body Composition- Tests to determine muscle to fat ratio.


NUTRITIONAL WORKSHOPS- Monthly group sessions on sports nutrition.


Performance RE-Testing- Monthly reevaluation of KPI's. 


Performance Programming- Periodized program designed based off the result of the assessment.


Mental Training- Classroom based instruction to equip athletes with strategies to cope with mental stress that                                                                                               occurs during competition. Mental training classes will take place on the first or third Monday of                                                                                         each month

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