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Mastering the Mental Game 

Competition and peer pressure can bring out the worst in us. If we’re not prepared to deal with it, bad things can happen.

Aiga Performance has a close relationship with Kai Laird the founder of The Performance Pursuit. He provides sessions on developing a positive mindset. This mental training will assist athletes in discovering the best version of their performances. It will help athletes pursue excellence in sports and exercises through mental skills conditioning.

The Performance Pursuit is a team of certified sport and performance psychology consultants who professionally consult with athletes, coaches, and professionals to teach them necessary skills required to achieve their desired level of performance on a consistent basis. From D1 college to academies, they have assisted hundreds of individuals including Olympic, national and collegiate athletes, coaches, parents and exercisers. 

Their training is not only designed to help people build confidence and manage high-pressure situations effectively, but also experience more motivation and happiness within their desired sport or profession. 


We refer teams and individuals who want to sharpen their mental toughness to Kai for a fee. Contact the gym to find more about how to get in touch with The Performance Pursuit and the sessions that they offer! 

About Kai

Kaimare, known to many as Kai, was born and raised in the southern most isles of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago. Passionate about sports and assisting others reach their full potential, Kai has been working with competitive and elite athletes since 2012 with his first experience occurring while consulting in the Elite Development Performance Unit (EDPU) at the Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago (SPORT-TT), where he provided sport & performance psychology services to several national athletes and teams. Since then, Kai has spoken and consulted with hundreds of collegiate athletes, teams, coaches, high schools, elite academies, and professionals across the US, assisting individuals and teams achieve their desired level of performance and success.

Besides consulting with athletes & coaches, Kai has presented his work over the past few years in various national & state conferences such as the Illinois Counseling Association Conference and the National Coaching Conference. Dedicated to helping other professionals in

the field as well, Kai mentors sport psychology consultants and graduate students who are striving to gain certification



at the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). As a competitive 

soccer player for various semi professional teams across the U.S. Kai's love for the sport guided him to coaching at several soccer programs, and is currently one of the head coaches at Tidewater Sharks Academy. Integrating his enthusiasm and passion for sports with his experiences as a consultant, coach, competitive athlete and entrepreneur, Kai currently collaborates with his team at The Performance Pursuit to provide the most holistic sport & performance psychology consulting services available to athletes, coaches, professionals and exercisers in Illinois, Virginia, and Trinidad & Tobago.