Train with a Purpose Blog No. 2: Time

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

The first month of the new year is quickly ending. 

Before we know it 2020 will be over in a blink of an eye. It amazes me how every year I get older, time seems to speed up. When I was younger, I remember it seemed time would to take forever. I was in a hurry to grow up. These days I wish I could go back...Just rewind time and slow it down.

Working with our youth every day I see the expectations that are placed on them. The academic workload seems excessive in comparison to what I went through back in the late 90s. There are AP classes for every imaginable subject. Levels of math  seem to speak a language from outer space. SOL and endless testing... the list goes on. In addition, the competitive sports landscape has grown at astronomical proportions. There’s a travel or club team for every sport and seasonal sports have now become year-round. No wonder why the years and time seem to fly by. We’re all so busy, time passes by in an instant.

Aiga Performance was created to be an athletic facility where we help people achieve their athletic and fitness goals. However, it’s become something more I ever imagined.  It’s a safe haven, a place where others get to express themselves through challenging programs and where they can be around goal-oriented people. It’s a place where I get to build lifetime relationships and help others navigate the roads of life. I feel blessed and privileged to be a sounding board,  listen to amazing life stories and be a part of so many lives. The workouts shed light on teachable moments, where I am both the teacher and the student. 

I constantly remind myself to hit pause. Take it all in. 

Each person. Each struggle. Each story. And I treasure this time.

- Coach Leland


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