Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

Performance & Strength Coach

Squat 515
Deadlift 585
Bench 355
Clean & Jerk 315
Vertical Jump 33-37
Triple Broad 30 feet/10yards
10 yard dash 1.5-1.6


RPR Level 1/2/3

About Coach

I was fortunate enough to train with Leland before he started AIGA! I was able to play Division 1 collegiate baseball at Virginia Tech and UMBC. I achieved all-state honors in baseball in high school and competed in the final 10 for indoor state track short sprints events. After school, I worked with athletes all over the 757 south sides at a Virginia High-Performance facility. I worked with every sport and almost every school around the area, I also got to work with active duty military and retired veterans. Sports, training, and coaching are my lifelong passions.

Turning Point

I faced multiple injuries in college, with the most significant being a torn labrum and rotator cuff. Trying to rehabilitate my arm and perform at the next level forced me to research a lot about the training process. From the injury, I also had to deal with the yips multiple times because of arm pain. This psychological and physical pressure made it so I wanted to share what I had to persevere through in college with the next generation! To expedite the failure process, so that way the next generation didn’t have to waste as much time or go through the same frustrations I had to. Essentially, my turning point was not to let my injury be a definitive moment in my life, and to inspire others to persevere through their sport and life struggles!

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to be the coach I need for the next generation of athletes. That coach is positive and empowering. Relatable enough to inspire athletes to leave everything on the table when chasing their sporting dreams. I also want them to know that there is so much more to life than sports and that their identity and self-worth are more than the sport they play!

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