Aiga Performance and. Dr. Mike Satterly of Pivot Physical Therapy of the Oyster Point location have partnered up!

Dr. Satterly specializes in the physical therapy and rehabilitation of athletes. Have a concern, recurring injury or interested in learning more information about the services offered by Pivot?

Give us a call!

Aiga Performance and Coach Matt Kerr of the local chapter of the FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes -  have partnered up! What is the FCA? Watch this 2 minute video for more information: 

Be sure to join us and the FCA the fourth Saturday of each month to Huddle and train! 

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Aiga Performance has a close relationship with Kai Laird the founder of The Performance Pursuit. He provides sessions on developing a positive mindset. This mental training will assist athletes in discovering the best version of their performances. It will help athletes pursue excellence in sports and exercises through mental skills conditioning.

The Performance Pursuit's training is not only designed to help people build confidence and manage high-pressure situations effectively, but also experience more motivation and happiness within their desired sport or profession.