Leland Solomona

Leland Solomona

Owner / Master Trainer / Performance & Strength Coach

In his free time, Leland coaches 14U youth football, enjoys playing Madden football and having “dance battles” with his sons Tyson and training with his wife Jocelyn.


Leland studied nutrition science at Kaplan University to enhance his understanding of optimal human performance.

​Leland is a certified nutritionist, and hold several certifications, including: CES Corrective exercise specialist

PES Performance enhancement specialist

CSCS Certified strength and conditioning specialist

IYCA International youth conditioning association

USA Football

USA Track and field, level 2

About Coach

Leland is from the La Habra, California. He and his wife migrated to family-friendly Virginia, leaving the fast-paced California lifestyle, to raise their 4 boys. He grew up in a family of dancers and musicians, developing a passion for movement; he carried it into a competitive athletic career playing football, wrestling and track & field in high school and college.

Turning Point

It was in Virginia that Leland was able to discover his true passion: working with athletes. What he lacked as an athlete, he wanted to provide to others. Through the encouragement, faith and support of the community, Leland and his family incorporated Aiga Performance. A place for athletes, by athletes.

Motivation & Passion

Understanding his blessings from God, Leland changes athletes physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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