Speed, Agility & QuicknessSpeed, Agility & Quickness

Speed, Agility & Quickness in newport news

Speed, Agility & Quickness


Athletes will train in group classes that enhance physical qualities that prepare them to play fast!


The recommendation for SAQ training is 2 weekly classes. Each class is unique and focuses on the following:

-Develop coordination, rhythm, and timing to enhance multi-directional speed (linear, curvilinear)

-Increase strength and technique to properly and efficiently decelerate and (re)accelerate.

-Improve balance and proprioception to improve body posture, positioning, and angles to create explosive movement.

All classes are coach-led and last 30-45 minutes. The difficulty of the class is adjusted based on skill level, training experience, age-appropriateness, competitive season, etc. Most drills within each class are timed and tested with our Dashr laser system to gauge progress.

It is recommended to wear appropriate footwear such as low-profile soles or cross-training shoes to prevent the foot from rolling laterally in the shoes. Please, do not wear running shoes with thick elevated soles!


This specialty program is for athletes 12+ who are coachable and have received feedback that improvement is needed in one or more areas of speed, agility, and quickness.


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